The Evolution of Nauticycle Noosa

The Evolution of Nauticycle Noosa coincidentally came to be after a series of events.

I have been a passionate cyclist for over 30 years with many great and unfortunately not so great experiences as well. It’s the not so great that started this evolution.

Back in the Winter of 2012 whilst on an early morning training ride I was struck down by a car for the fourth time in 30 years, this one being the worst. I was out of action for six months with a lot of surgery and plenty of recovery. I needed to find a hobby with little to no body impact.

Great, right?


I was missing cycling so much it was driving me crazy, so I found A Pedal Kayak. The best of both worlds, so I thought. The recumbent position was to unfamiliar for my liking, so the search continues.

This is the birth of Nauticycle Noosa. A fusion of Safe cycling & water sports, what more could I ask for?

A truly amazing and unique experience.
An absolute must try...

andreza sm

Andreza, the Spin instructor, has taken cycling to the next level.

"My actual philosophy is to Make a Difference in People's life." - Andreza Leoncini

I am a Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer I received a Bachelor’s in Health, Physical Education & Exercise Science from UNIP- SAO PAULO UNIVERSITY - BRAZIL.

After University I never stopped learning. I received my Specialized accreditation in Weight Lifting and Cardio Conditioning. I am a Certified Trainer in Australia from AIPT (Diploma in Fitness), Master Functional Trainer (AIK) Certified @Spinning Instructor, Certified Schwinn Indoor cycling, Post and Pré Natal training. I've been working as a Trainer for 20 years." Fitness is my life".

I do believe that exercising is important for the body as well as the mind. Being committed in fitness creates a strong discipline and definitely helps you achieve everything you want in life.

Let's start YOUR NEW concept of training with me!!!

Riding a Nauticylce water bike is a complete sensation of freedom